Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Dream of Peonies

So I cannot stay away from the Micro Horror contest. I keep working on other stories, and then *bam* I get these quick little flashes of ideas for stories that would be great to send into MH. They also, though I do make sure they're quality before I send, take less time to write than some of the longer stuff, so it's a great diversion too.

All this is to say, check out "A Dream of Peonies", up at Micro Horror now.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Great piece Chris. Well written as always. Considering the 666words you had to play with you told your own tale and enough of the legend of Otsuyu so it was like a two-fer.

  2. Just read, The Dirt on Ronnie Wilkins. Not suprising it won.

    "I got a little closer, thinking it might be a dog, and I was at that age, where every dog I saw was just a friend I hadn't met. Three months later, I'd endure a five-week course of rabies shots courtesy of Mrs. Lowbie's Pomeranian."

    That had me laughing and then a few sentences later you switch gears where Ronnie's sporting the bruise from his booze-hound mother.

    I can see why that's a favourite of yours Chris. Glad you mentioned it now, might have missed it.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it Lee, thanks for reading.