Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Game on" for GAME NIGHT

The Oddville Press, issue 5 is out today. It features my story "Game Night," about a quartet of ghosts that control all the misfortune in the world. This fantastic publication is in the form of a free e-book PDF. Check it out!

For anyone reading this blog, (anyone ... anyone .... echo ... echo ...) who has only been acquainted with my flashfic at Micro Horror and Static Movement, this is a chance to check out a longer piece, one that upon re-reading today, I might have tightened a little more in spots but ultimately I'm very happy with how it plays out.

This has also renewed my resolve to get back into writing the longer stuff, to stretch out and let the characters talk to me a little more.

Other news -"one more" entry to the Micro Horror contest. I thought I was done, but these great little flashes keep coming that are centred in History. It's called Induction and it's up now.

Also ... got my confirmation from the College this week. I'm starting my 30 week intensive correspondance with a mentor starting in January. 300 pages - one project. This will be fun.

In relation to that, as well as the need to get writing longer stuff .. I'm seriously considering attempting NaNoWriMo. (Crazy??)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. "Sunflower gave the guy's spirit the finger the whole time he was crossing. Classy."

    "I was knocked out early and stole his MP3 player. I erased all of his symphonies and operettas, and replaced it with five hours of the same bubblegum pop song."

    "You’ve got to the count of five. Mirror, you get seven to haul that ass out of here,"

    To many places that cracked me up to quote them all. This piece was a delight to read. Just something so different, fresh. Great way to start the day, thanks Chris.