Friday, October 16, 2009

"Make 'Em Cheer"

Hey everyone, one more story thrown into the mix for the 2009 Micro Horror Hallowe'en contest. This one's called Make 'em Cheer . It's a look into the nature of talent, that blissfully casts baseless aspersions on one of the greatest sports legends of the 20th century; but with what I think also carries a message of redemption through selflessness.

In other news ... missed the cutoff for the APEX Halloween Contest. I was sick as a dog yesterday and couldn't finish my entry. On retrospect (and rereading) it may have been a little too far outside the box of what they were looking for. As far as Urban Legends with an Alien Origin, mine was closer to Mythbusters Urban Legend than say .. Bloody Mary. Ultimately though, I missed out because I procrastinated. Lesson learned.

I mentioned in my previous post I'm going to start getting back to the longer works. I'm really feeling that now. I absolutely love writing the flash pieces, but I'm starting to really feel the constraints. I want to let the characters grow, and have a little more time. In fact, I may revisit some of the flash pieces and expand them a bit. I don't think the story of Goodwife Taylor was all finished when I finished.

Also I really want to get back to Big Top ("the" novel), but I've thrown that piece into consideration for my 30 week intensive writing course that starts in January. So if that gets picked up, I'll be doing the circus book all next year.

I may spend some time then, getting back to Bridgetown (my sci-fi/horror longform). I had a brainstorm a little while back that's going to necessitate a big rewrite, but will do better justice to the characters.

In the meantime, check out some of the Flash Pieces if you haven't, and again, thanks for visiting!


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  1. Yeah, gotta be careful of getting too much into the flash. You get in the mindset of being so short and sweet with words. Then you go back to something longer and you have to shake it off and tell yourself, chill, stop watching the word-counter, enjoy the space. Sorry to hear about you being too ill for the Apex contest(silently relieved teehee) hope your better now.