Thursday, January 14, 2010


Working on a bunch of things right now:

1) Hacking up the first draft of Troll (at least the first 30 pages I'm sending off for review)

2) Typing up a story from longhand that I've been putting together to sub for the "Baconology" Antho - details here . (That's going to require a sharp machete when I'm done .. it's heavy with the unnecessary.)

3) Working up Part 3 of "At the Normal Café". I have another chapter ready to go, but after reworking part 2, I've got to change up the order of the other parts now.

4) Reader's choice voting is ON at the "Clarity of Night" contest. I'm entry #12 ... BIG THANKS to everyone who checked out my entry and left such amazing commentary.

5) Thanks to Lee Hughes for passing on another new contest. Write a horror story. Use only 13 lines of dialogue. No narration (not even 'he said'). I threw one out there just for fun. Details here.
[Update - holy crap - if you make your villain a religious nutcase - be ready to defend it!]

6) Finally, I'm "smithing" a short that just came back marked "Rej." Decided to use the stuff I'm working on in the course to rework it. (Picture Silent Hill with robots.)

That's about it (which is more than enough!)

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Hi Chris. I left a comment on your 13 sentence entry. Very nice piece of writing.
    (Just to let you know, you left the link off #5, above)

    Regards, David.