Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feeling better all around.

It's a new week, and things are better.

Got rid of a nasty stomach virus. (Gonna be a little more sparing with making my characters puke for awhile, I think.)

Storywise, life's better too. Got some great words of support from my mentor on the novel, so my energy is renewed, and the keys are moving again.

Also helps that I got an acceptance in the Pill Hill Press 365 Days of Flash Antho! "Not a Dove" (last seen on Clarity of Night) is in! Muchos Thankos to Lee Hughes for passing the info along on that one. Still going to fire one more across the bow for the 31 days of Halloween after the first 2 fell short.

Locally, I may have secured a small freelance piece for a local arts mag, which'd be neat.

Also on radar - end of the month is the deadline for the Toronto Star Short Story Contest (which I won last year) details for interested fellow Ontarians here.

Possibly (possibly) putting something together to try out for the Howl Antho.

Finally, I'm not forgetting about the Normal Café, but it's probably a late Feb/March thing.

So - down with the Slog, and enough with the whinging.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Congrats on the 365 Days of Flash, I've wormed my way into there too. I've had the same 2 rejections from the 31 Days of Horror, kinda got a feeling that a third one isn't gonna make a difference after the two form letters lol. Hope you get that freelance piece and get something in for Howl, it's shaping up to be a fantastic antho, not just because I'm in it either!! lol

  2. Congrats Chris and good luck with all your other projects, especially the freelance job.

    Regards mate, David.

  3. Great to see your work getting more success!