Monday, February 22, 2010

The Sins of the Past Come Back ... in STYLE

Once again I find myself indebted to one Mr. Hughes. This time it's for passing on the info about the 31 Days of Halloween Anthology. (Still open too - click here for details).

As they're accepting reprints (!!) I fired off 3 past strong ones, only to have them come back faster than a Raphael Nadal overhand. Undaunted, I decided ... one more, and submitted "The Sins of the Past", last seen at Thrillers, Killers & Chillers.

And it made it in.


Off to finish the first draft of my "Howl" entry, then an end to the shorts and back to the novel.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Congrats mate, I gave up at 3 lol before it wrecked my scoreboard! lol

  2. Hi Chris,
    You've made the Howl too-I must have an old author update. Congrats on your acceptions, funny on the Nader. I know how that feels.
    I'm going to sneak over to TKnC and check out your story, Sins of the Past.

  3. Thanks Erin!

    Don't look for me in the Howl list yet -- haven't sent it in yet! And if I send it in as it is today ... probably won't see the light of day.

    Thanks for checking out the stories! Loved your poem this week.