Monday, March 1, 2010

Canada has now won more Gold Medals in a Winter Olympics than any other country. Cool.

The Olympics are done. Mya primary procrastination crutch is now out of the way. (And the way it ended, with a hockey game for the ages. Wow.) After celebrating appropriately, I find writing with a hangover to be less than ideal...

But the pages will not wait -- so.

Finished the part of the novel I've been working on (long story short - I'm diagramming the plot and that's as rapturous as it sounds.)

Also completed 1st revision of the Howl story I'm planning on submitting (I did see the March 10 cut-off - hoping that still stands.) Should still have that off today.

Next up is the freelance piece, which as it turns out is a "4 the luv", but there's some perks to writing for this particular journal.

Final blip on the radar is Normal Café part 4.

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  1. Congrats on the Winter Olympics. At least we got one gold, for flying down a toboggan run on a serving tray. Crazy! Loving the Normal Cafe BTW. Keep up the good work, mate.
    Regards. (Thanks for the comment on my Blink Ink piece.)