Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Normal Cafe Part 4 - Heroes

Checking in from sunny California today.

So - I missed the Howl Deadline by a day and a half. Bummer.

However, subbed the story I wrote for that one into Novus Creatura, being that I'd invented the beastie in the story anyway. So we'll see.

Also threw a whack of Flash over the hedge for the LGP Flash! antho.

And today, Part 4 of "At the Normal Cafe" is up on TKnC (Thanks to Matt and Col for keeping this one going.) It's called "Heroes". Click to read.

The novel is undergoing a major change of theme, style and character (i.e I'm back to the beginning again, which is why I'm taking a brief break to re-centre.)

Thanks for reading.


1 comment:

  1. I'll be checking your story out at TKnC and all the best with the antho. Good luck with novel re-start.

    Regards mate, David.