Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Elementary" my dear ...

As I am working diligently on TWO novels now ...
(Okay, that's a fib - I'm writing a new first chapter for the existing project, and a first chapter for one I'm considering working on instead. When both are done, I'm going to read them over, and whichever one speaks louder to keep going will win out. )
In the meantime, I'm breathing a little life into old stories. My story "Everything is Elemental", first featured on MicroHorror, is up at Flashes in the Dark today.
Also, saw a call for submissions yesterday for a reprint anthology at Books of the Dead Press, called "Best New Vampire Stories"
I had a story up and around last Halloween that I'm going to dust off and wipe down with a new coat of polish, then send 'er on in.
I'm also doing a couple of non-fiction things at the moment, and then, seriously, all my attention is going into the book... seriously... really.
Thanks for reading.

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