Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An update - Book Club

Just a quick update.  Finally, after much waiting, some of the anthologies I've got stories in are starting to see print.  First up is "Haunted" from Pill Hill Press (PHP).  My story, "The Cabin Sleeps" was part of the "Shootout" competition that PHP is just finishing up against Library of the Living Dead Press - I was on the Living Dead team.

"Elements of Horror" has also been released, featuring "Air in the Line", "Love and Arson", "Earthworks" and "Down for the Third Time" by yours truly.

With the recent happenings at Lame Goat Press (looks like LGP's back in business now ...), and the subsequent takeover of their anthologies by Static Movement, I've got a couple of stories coming out in "Flash!" and "Yarns for our Youth".  The third LGP title that is being done at Aurorawolf, is "Novus Creatura".

Finally, as part of the NaNoWriMo back in November 2009, I got a deal over at Createspace, so I'm putting together a collection of short stories.  I haven't decided whether I'll be releasing it or not, but it'll be good to have a bound copy of the stories, including some previously unpublished ones.

This summer, I'll be working on Bridgetown almost exclusively, but "At the Normal Cafe" will get finished as well.  Hoping to get a bunch of writing done this weekend and next week when I go to the cottage.

And that's more than enough self-promotion for now.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Good to hear your works getting into print format. And four stories in one is just greedy ;o)

    Please don't use create-space as it only goes on I have to order from America and the postage ends up costing the same as the book. I love you're writing bud but not to the tune of $40 lol

    Good luck with Bridgetown.

  2. Damn! Nice penning, Chris. Congrats on all the print. I do hope you release your collection of short stories - I also like your writing and would probably buy it too.

  3. Nothing wrong with self-promotion, Chris. Well done and congrats, mate. Look forward to reading some of your work on actual paper.

    Great news!