Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick Update - Some Acceptances

Static Movement has really hit the ground running on the anthologies.  They've listed an additional 13 new anthologies in addition to the ones originally picked up when LGP had its little meltdown.  Check out what's on here. and here.  Most are open to reprints - so there's no reason not to get cracking and get something in for these!

I've gotten just a wee bit more mileage out of my story, "Kittens for Sale", which has been picked up for the "Ghosts and Demons" Antho..

Different publisher, same result - Wicked East Press has accepted my story, "Induction Week" for their "Cup of Joe" anthology.  (Also still accepting subs!)

It's great to see these stories getting a little extra exposure, as I quite like how they turned out and love that they'll be in print now.

I just got my copy of "Haunted" this week. It's a stunning book.  If you've got the spare ducats - it's a great collection (so far -- I'm halfway through reading the rest of it)

Keep writing. Keep reading.


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