Monday, July 5, 2010

Zombie Summer - Fun in the Sun

Just realized how much "Zombie" I've got going on right now.

First was my half-assed not-quite-entry for "Zombie-Luv" (Previous Post), but I've also got a longer piece in the works that I've been doing as my "can't think about the bloody novel today" story, that's aimed at a specific antho, and THAT's got zombies in it.

And today at Flashes in the Dark - "Fun in the Sun", my entry for their "Resurrection Contest". (click to read)

Zombies. Zombies. Zombies.



  1. Stunning piece bud, left a comment over there.

  2. If it doesn't win - I'll send it your way as a reprint 3 months from now Mr. Editor ... ;P

  3. Top drawer writing mate! Left a comment over there.

  4. So many great lines. I really liked this, Chris. Still have the chills.