Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home for a rest

Just checking in.  I've been away at a cottage for a week or so, and though I brought writing stuff with; I decided to take a full-on holiday, so next to nothing got done.

Back now, and the word of the week is "rewrites."

I've finished with my writing course, but have been given the chance to get one more piece seen by "my" author, and have settled on a 25 pg. short, as I haven't been working on anything with him yet that's got a beginning/middle/end.  The short is done, but I'm finding tremendous difficulty getting going on the rewrites.

How do you do it?  Any tips?  I've been trying a few things, but what's NOT working is going through in Word "tracking changes".  The next thing I'm going to do is print out and make changes/notes on paper. (More and more I've been running away from the computer to do the actual writing -- the internet's siren song has been way too seductive of late.) 

So ... I'm looking for what works for you guys out there, as August is going to be "editing" month.  I have to tune up this short  by next Friday (and anyone interested in a preview in exchange for comments would be greatly appreciated), rewrite another short for an antho that closes at the end of the month, and THEN, in September, I'll be returning to the "big" story.  I'm also going to try and squeeze in some flash for a few special events that are happening.

Truth told, this is a new part of the process for me.  In the past, 90% of my stuff has been so short it's been easy to go through 2-3 times and tweak this / that / the other, usually cutting to fit a hard word cap.  Now that I'm north of 20 pages on things, it's a different beast, and once I get the bones of the novel out - holy crap. 

Any thoughts?


  1. Damn, I was reading this hoping you were going to lend some tips:)

    I do whatever I can, and certain things that worked last time, don't work so well this time. I do try to take my laptop out of the house - there is a desk in the basement corner of our library that makes for some creepy alone time. I also change the font and color (sounds stupid, but sometimes it works), print a copy of my ms and edit outside, change my chair, light candles, go for a run (and die afterwards...the ressurrection usually brings some inspiration), eat something really spicy (ditto), or watch one of my favorite movies/listen to music.

    I wanted to have the rd of my second novel done this summer, and just can't seem to hash it out. I just might have to bribe my muse in the end.

  2. I can't be doing with Track Changes - completely kills the joy. I print out each (saved) draft (sorry trees) and edit them by hand until I'm satisfied. Then go back and apply my edits to the e-draft, saving it as version whatever.

    Simply can't do the editing unless I have no interruptions though. I like how Erin does hers outside; I haven't got a garden so that's out for me, meaning most of mine is done early in the morning in bed with a cuppa, or late at night on the sofa with a glass of wine.