Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Award? For ME?

Erin Cole nominated me for "The Creative Writing Blog Award".

The Award works as follows - I will list below 6 "Crazy Truths" and 1 "Wacky Lie" or 6 Wacky Lies and 1 Crazy Truth.

Part 2 of the award will come first - and that's the sharing of this distinction with 5 other notable bloggers; and I humbly nominate the following excellent writers (in no particular order):

1) Emma Kathryn - Beware the Vampire Bunnies
2) Barry J Northern - 21st Century writer
3) Jodi MacArthur - Fiction Writer Jodi MacArthur
4) David Barber - David Barber's Fiction World
5) Lee Hughes - Lee Hughes Writes

All are well deserving of numerous honours, but this is the one I'm giving today.

On to the test:

1) I once sang the Star Spangled Banner for a room full of Drunk American College kids - in Toronto
2) I played Jack the Ripper on TV
3) I've served lunch to the "Albino Twins" from the Matrix movies
4) I  wrote, directed, produced, stage managed a play - all whilst working the lights as well
5) I took a two hour plane trip to go on a single date
6) I once made Clive Barker "lol" on Twitter.
7) I once ended up in the emergency room due to a Macaroni and Cheese incident gone horribly wrong.

There you go.  Discuss.


  1. I think the Jack the ripper thing is the fib...hmmmm...yeah, I'd say that's the "creative writing"...

    Lotsaluv, Em

  2. That one's is actually true, Em. Good guess though. :)

  3. All are true except 6. Some people refuse to type LOL. I think Clive might be one of them.

  4. The only 'normal' thing on here is the two hours to a date, and the macaroni incident. SO I'm going to say the Marconi incident is false and everything else is true!

    Jack the Ripper? You sick SOB. lol.

    Thanks for the award nomination, Chris. I actually did this just a couple months ago and had alot of fun. Here's the link. Can you guess?

    These are too fun. Be sure to give us the answer!

  5. Between Erin and Jodi, the truth has been revealed.

    I'm just letting the mystery linger one more day... too much fun to give it up right away.

  6. ... and Jodi - I just followed the link and Holy Crap. You've lived, girl.

  7. Thanks mate. I'm honoured. Macaroni is true. I just hope you didn't "American Pie" a dish of it and burn your bits! lol!

  8. Erin nailed it. Trust the mystery writer to get to the bottom of things!

    Clive Barker, to my knowledge, has never used the phrase "LOL" - and I feel a little ashamed that I suggested he might :$ .

    I won't go into the rest of the items - except for Jack the Ripper.

    About 10 years ago - I was a struggling actor, and played Jack the Ripper on an episode of "F2: Forensic Factor" on Discovery Channel. There were no lines, but there was much furling of capes and flashing of knives. And fake smoke. Lots of fake smoke.

    ... oh, and David - nothing so dramatic - just I was an idiot with the pot of boiling water is all.

  9. Chris, mixin-me-toasties is a play on the word Myxomatosis, which is a deadly infection that rabbits can catch. Hope this helps.


  10. Ha! Leave it to the mystery writer indeed. I love that you got to play Jack The Ripper on discovery channel. Smoke, swords and robes and probably an evil grin? Definately worth a beer. Cool stuff, Chris!
    And thanks for looking mine up, I guess we all have a bit crazy in us. ;-)