Friday, September 24, 2010

"Flash War" at The New Flesh

Hey everyone - There's just five days left to enter the FLASH WAR at The New Flesh.  The game is simple - 1,000 words or less incorporating the theme "Thats why I keep my eye in a pickle jar."  Submit it per the site guidelines, with the addition of "Flash War" in the subject line.  Go for it!

My entry purportedly goes live tomorrow.  Just click over to the New Flesh to check it out. Won't tell you too much about it, but here's a hint:


  1. Looking forward to reading it, Chris. I'm trying to get something done myself but time is running out on me.

  2. It's well worth a read David. Absolutely beautiful, but so tragic.

    Makes me think of Eliza Carthy's Maid on the Shore.

  3. Left a comment on New Flesh, Chris. You broke my heart!! Cool story!

  4. Thanks David. This was one of those rare "in the zone" writes.