Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Michael J. Solender's Dog Days of Summer - E-Chap book

The results are in!  Michael J. Solender's "Dog Days of Summer" contest is over.  The contest was to write 101 words, incorporating "heat", and "summer."  My very silly take on it is toward the end of the e-Chapbook.

I made it into the final chapbook, and so did many other fantastic writers.  I've already taken a look, and was in awe of the entries.  Check it out here.  Lots of folks I know actually "placed" very well - with honourable mention, and "Special Jury" awards.  Won't ruin it for you here though.  But you know who you are - and congratulations!


  1. It was a stonking comp, many thanks to Mike for running the thing, and big congrats on your honorable mention!!

  2. You had a killer entry yourself there Mr. Hughes!

  3. This was a wild, crazy, and fab 101 words! Congrats on your entry, Chris. Totally original - Heat was cool!