Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spookipedia - How about that?

Woke up this morning to a very cool surprise.  A page has been created for me on  This is a growing compendium of information on small presses, editors, authors etc. of horror fiction.  Totally shocked that I rate such attention, but thrilled to have it!

Here's a screenshot:

... and here's that link again.

(The picture on the site is by yours truly ... truly awful that is!)


  1. How cool is that. Well done, mate. I notice as well that you have a similar timescale on your novel as I have on mine. Although mine will probably be the latter date of your "slated" schedule. LOL!!

  2. Thanks David. I've seen a few other folks up there with familiar names - this could be a fun little way to get some exposure.

  3. Awesome stuff, Chris! I imagine the acting you've done has brought some great experience to your writing.
    I see Zapata has a page too.

  4. There's also an entry on there for one "Erin Cole", the famous Portland mystery writer - do you know her? ;)

  5. Thanks Lily. Visiting the site, I can see that it would be quite easy to do for oneself, but the fact that it was done for me, and most of my story credits brought over, etc. - it's really cool.