Friday, October 29, 2010

13 Days of Horror - Frosted Glass

Erin Cole's 13 Days of Horror has had some fantastic stories this year.  Every day has brought a new scary, elegantly crafted work of horror fiction.

Today, to my great and humble honour, is my turn.  Sincere thank you to Erin for choosing my story, and for hosting this phenomenal showcase of talent.

Here's the link. The story is called "Frosted Glass."

Have a great day (I am.)



  1. Great story, Chris. Very original and a nice creepy concept. Perfect for a cold October evening.

  2. Thanks Laurita - once Erin opened up submissions this year, I knew I was going to have to dig deep for something special to have a shot.

  3. Chris, an awesome story, my friend. Left a comment over there.

    I was lucky to be in such great company. Happy Halloween!!!!!!

  4. This is just bizarre. You totally creeped me out and the ending is horrible (in a good way!). You penn my kindsa horror, Chris. Eeeek!

  5. I was really happy to see your name pop up yesterday. It's an honour to "follow" you (and glad you liked my story too!)

    Jodi - thanks for the compliment (calling a story like mine creepy and bizarre can ONLY be a compliment.)

    And to you both - I'm proud to be counted with you in this year's 13 Days line-up. Erin's picked some wicked talent.

  6. Your story is grand! Love it- creepy, suspenseful, and that ending is a killer. ha : )

  7. I hear dance music Chris . . . egadssssssssssssssssssssssss

  8. Erin - can't thank you enough. It IS one of my better endings.

    Kate - you're fine until the music stops ...

  9. Great, unsettling story. Thanks for dropping by my blog and following. Have a happy Halloween. And keep those tennis shoes on in case you have to outrun any zombies.