Wednesday, October 20, 2010



  1. Boo indeed! Great ghost story, Chris. I really love the way you capture the 'kids' dialogue in your stories. Well done mate. A more than worthy addition to Halloween.

  2. You're quick, man!

    Thanks for the comment David.

    Dunno why I write so much from the kid's perspective. Must be my complete lack of maturity ...

  3. Vengeful ghosts! Loved this - and yes, that is one freaky-ass costume. Excellent know something is going to happen to Marcus, just not exactly how. Great twist at the end!

  4. Best costume ever. Great story. Just the kind of freakiness needed for this time of year.

  5. Erin & Laurita - thanks for stopping by to check out the story.

    This is such a great time of year. It does crazy things to my imagination.

  6. 2 things mate, firstly, cracking piece of flash and you do capture kids voices with realism. The second point, little less effort please on the blog, you're making the rest of us look bad lol.

  7. Lee - lol ... and ouch!

    I'll have to pour a little of the extra time into making more stories instead!

    ...But I still have at least one more "Halloween Card" up my sleeve. Muah ha ha ha ha ...

  8. Hi Chris,
    You nailed it, man. Can tell you've got kids. You could write a YA novel.

  9. Really intense. Beware cruelty on Halloween, right? You did so much with so few words. And those of dialogue only.

    That takes rare talent.

    Thanks for your kind words on my story in ERIN'S 13 DAYS OF HORROR. It meant a lot to me.

  10. Thanks Col - I've considered a YA book, but I've tied a big honking rope to the current novel with a sign that says "write one damned book at a time", (I've jumped amongst 4 ideas in the past year) so maybe after that. Cheers for the comment.

    Roland - thanks for the comment - I thoroughly enjoyed your story.

    You've got quite a way with the pen yourself!

  11. Eek! Yuo know its one thng when an adult gets a chp on his shoulder and he's mved to do smething like this. But when it's a kid, the impct is so much stronger. The intensity of emotion they go thruogh can feel like a ticking time bomb tht we hve to diffuse and taech them how to dael with situations, but we can't always do that, and gven the right circumstances, tick tick boom. Good job and I have to agree the dialogue raelly does it for this story. Hee... I love reading shorts this time of year, esp when they are GOOD and scary like this one. ;-)

  12. Thanks Jodi - really appreciate you and everyone taking time to come here and read this stuff. It means a lot.

    I must admit that I meant the story to imply that Alex was already dead, but you're not alone in reading that he's a screwed up, homicidal kid, and I can't decide which I like more now!

    P.S. As to me fixing my own typo @ your place ... it's a personal thing that I don't let myself get away with. (Spent 10k on an english degree, it has to be good for something) :)