Friday, October 1, 2010

The story with a life of its own

Quick - it's getting away!

So, while I'm busy researching, making notes and outlines for "the book", I've been doing short stories and flash pieces to keep the mental hamster running.

Yesterday, I saw it was the last day for submissions on a new Monsters anthology.  Minimum was 1,200 words.  Well , thought I, that sounds like a challenge if I ever heard one.  So off to the races I go, and sure enough - 10:30 last night, I finished not only the first draft, but a second and third pass through as well.  Visiting the site to double check the submission and formatting guidelines, I realized that the story I'd finished no longer fit the guidelines ... at all.  (They wanted tongue-in-cheek, I ended up with abject pathos.)

Oh well. 

I'm happy the story took charge of itself, as those are the ones that usually turn out to be pretty good reads.  Time to take a deep breath, and spend a little more time polishing it.  There'll be a home for it somewhere, and I'll tell all of you where that is when it happens.

In the meantime - it's Friday. #FLASH something! 

Have a great weekend,


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