Friday, November 5, 2010

Briefly speaking ...

November is here, and though I'm a "WriMo" in name, I'm so using the time to write my own novel.  Whatever I end up with at the end of the month will be fine.

That said, you may notice a lack of movement on this site for a bit (or just little snippets like this.)  I've started cracking my "big" story from a different angle, and so far, it's not resisting. 

Publishing-wise - just got accepted into Howl: Echoes of the Hunt by Red Skies Press.  I'm really looking forward to finally sharing a TOC with so many of my favourite writers!  (You know who you are...)

And today's Friday - so make sure to get your #fridayflash in gear.  Lily Childs' Feardom is doing its thing again this week, and that's a great choice.  Just make sure you write something!

Keep @ 'er

[Update: Microhorror just put up my short-short "On to Better Things" - give it a read if you've got a second!]



  1. Congrats on the Red Skies acceptance.

    Just read "On to Better Things". Awesome piece. Left a comment over there. (Well 2 actually...don't know how it happened though??)

    Have a great weekend, Chris!

  2. Chris mate, wouldn't worry, I signed up to Nano with the best intentions. It's day 6 now and not done anything lol, the OB is what I should be polishing. Though I will be trying to do some of the 50k,I love the idea I had too much, a dead man not accepting it and wants to return to the land of the living and is reluctantly helped by a 'live' ghost gigolo, after all, women ghosts need attention too.

  3. Congrats on the acceptance.
    I think the best way to use Nano is as a guideline to work on a project that means something. It gives you the boost to get it done, but you don't feel the pressure. Good luck.