Saturday, November 13, 2010

The New Flesh "Pickle Jar" Contest - Remember the Mermaid?

A few weeks back, I put up the link to my story "Treasures of the Deep" at "The New Flesh".  It was part of their Flash Fiction contest, in which the theme was "That's why I keep my eye in a pickle jar."

As of today - polls are open!  If you enjoyed the story (click here to read it again), please do drop by and cast a vote.



  1. I would - if we hadn't been able to vote for our own! Gasp!

    Seriously, your story is stunningly emotional and tragic. I really loved it.

  2. I know Lily - I'm torn that we're against each other in this!!

    I loved the visceral beauty of yours, and the raw emotion you evoke.

    But I, too, had to cast my own for my own. :)