Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's freezing up in here

bad sleep





Anyone got a favourite exercise/method to recommend? I haven't been able to push more than 100 words a week (and not even that if it weren't for Lily Child's excellent weekly "prediction")

(Promise: this will be the last post in this vein.  Like Radiohead says, "You do it to yourself, you do.  And that's why it really hurts.)

Just going through a brief phase of "meh" is all.


  1. Hi, Chris.

    One Word:

    One word, sixty seconds, go!

    And it's Three Word Wednesday, which, like Lily's Friday Prediction, goes for a week:

    Other than those, I'll pick up one of my favorite books or favorite authors, such as Ray Bradbury, read a bit, and then it usually gets something going.

    Good luck. I just came off a two month dry spell. Really sucked.

  2. Hang in there, Chris. I usually get some creative assistance reading my kids stories for them at bedtime. Don't know what it does but it works. Must be a case of...well if they can do it, so can I. I can usually rattle of the basis of a story after that. Give it a go. Hope this helped.

    I also get inspired trawling the newspaper websites from around the world. They're full of ideas!!

    Good luck!

    Re: My Dad. Thanks for the well wishes, mate. He's on the mend and making progress everyday. Thanks!!!

  3. Hey, well you're not alone - me too.

    I've edited only five scenes in my second novel in the last two weeks (I should be doing at least two a day)...besides Bare the Bones, my pages have been bare to the bone.

    I find that writing somewhere different, and not just another room, but out of the house, helps the most - the effort put forth to change my routine seems to create a new energy in my thoughts.

    Good Luck!

  4. You know what? This happens to me too. The only way I can pop myself back into the mode is to read. I'm not talking blogs, I'm talking go out and buy yourself Full Dark, No stars (if you haven't already) King will blow your mind. Tell yourself no writing for one week and raed yourself til you can't help but write again. I realized this last year that i needed breaks, and when I took them, I came back twice as strong.

    Lots of writerly love to you, Chris! ;-)