Wednesday, March 24, 2010

news FLASH! (anthology)

Got the notice this morning that two of my flash stories have been accepted into their upcoming FLASH! anthology.

"A Dream of Peonies" and "Something Different" were both originally published on MicroHorror.

Another anthology, Elements of Horror, publishes next week on April 1.

I've got one story per "element":

Fire: Love and Arson
Water: Down for the Third Time
Earth: Earthworks
Air: Air in the Line

So ... totally stoked about that.

In other news ... Troll is derailed. I'm working diligently, but I'm either going to turn it into a pure fantasy novel (which genre I've never touched) or switch horses yet again. My high school protagonists are currently swimming in a soup of cliche and boring, coincidental plot. Not saying this story is dead, but it currently appears to have been nailed to the perch.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Normal Cafe Part 4 - Heroes

Checking in from sunny California today.

So - I missed the Howl Deadline by a day and a half. Bummer.

However, subbed the story I wrote for that one into Novus Creatura, being that I'd invented the beastie in the story anyway. So we'll see.

Also threw a whack of Flash over the hedge for the LGP Flash! antho.

And today, Part 4 of "At the Normal Cafe" is up on TKnC (Thanks to Matt and Col for keeping this one going.) It's called "Heroes". Click to read.

The novel is undergoing a major change of theme, style and character (i.e I'm back to the beginning again, which is why I'm taking a brief break to re-centre.)

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Something to share ...

Haven't really used this space to share any writing yet, but there's no time like the present. Here then, is "Saying Goodbye":

Saying Goodbye

We made it to the top my love.

I drove three days to get here, but it’s worth it. I’m laying you down in the open on the tallest mountain I could find so your spirit will merge with the birds of prey that consume you.

Except your eyes.

I’m burning them with incense, releasing their power to the wind.

When we first met in the cemetary, it was love at first sight. The rapture and mystery of death captivated you, and the silence of the grave was music to my ears.

You always were the spiritual one. I'll be happy with a high place and an end to all the noise.

We spent so many beautiful nights in the mausoleum planning every detail of our own burials. Sitting there on cold marble, we were finally alive.

Time. Place. Method. Flowers. Music. We talked all the tiny details to death.

Then I came home early that night, and saw something that I hadn't planned on. Watching you in the throes of the little death put everything into perspective.

Now everything is perfect again.

And the ocean is calling to me now, surf crashing against the base of the cliffs so far below. I can't wait.

Rest in peace.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Canada has now won more Gold Medals in a Winter Olympics than any other country. Cool.

The Olympics are done. Mya primary procrastination crutch is now out of the way. (And the way it ended, with a hockey game for the ages. Wow.) After celebrating appropriately, I find writing with a hangover to be less than ideal...

But the pages will not wait -- so.

Finished the part of the novel I've been working on (long story short - I'm diagramming the plot and that's as rapturous as it sounds.)

Also completed 1st revision of the Howl story I'm planning on submitting (I did see the March 10 cut-off - hoping that still stands.) Should still have that off today.

Next up is the freelance piece, which as it turns out is a "4 the luv", but there's some perks to writing for this particular journal.

Final blip on the radar is Normal Café part 4.