Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Small Green Things"

Quick update - I've got a new story up at Thrillers, Killers n' Chillers today.

It's called "Small Green Things" and it's best savoured when you're not eating anything.

Thanks to Lee, Col and Matt for posting it!

Check it out here.


  1. This was raelly fun story! You are a mischief Loki of the writing world.

    It remnded me of the time, I was raelly mad at my mom for mking me wrk on the farm all day. We were digging up stumps, the damn turkeys kept getting in the way, and my lttle brothers and sisters were jumping around us whining. My mom told me to bring them all inside the trailer and make them dinner. So I made 'horse poop' sandwiches. It was only tuna fish with apples and onions and just enough green food coloring. But my mom knew I was mad, and when I handed them all out and said what they were, my mom just about put me in a hospital. Everyone was so grossed out (other than my 3 yaer old sis, she thought they were good), they all went to burger king and left me home. So I (happily) had a horse poop sandwich and the house to myself for half an hour. ;-)

  2. Awesome story. I had no idea where this one would end up. Great job!

  3. Jodi - Loki, eh? I can get behind that. Horse-poop sandwiches - LMAO.

    Laurita - thanks - I reread it today, and realize I'd have liked to comb it through one last time, but glad the punch is still there. :)

  4. Very nice...been out of town and was saving this for a relaxing night back. Just glad I'd already eatin' a critter for dinner.
    : )