Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playmate of the Month

Quick update today. A short piece of mine, which brings a decided break from the horror I've been writing recently, is up at The Flash Fiction Offensive today. Thanks to David Barber for accepting this quick and dirty crime vignette. Read Heisting Miss October here.

Also - just a reminder that March 4th is the deadline for "Madness in March" submissions.  (Full details if you click the logo-thing at the right of this page.)

 Send me your creeping madness. Send me your chilling delirium. Send me your crazy!

Keep your white spaces at bay.



  1. It's a great piece of writing, Chris. Well done!

  2. Holy Shit! Something just laughed like a mad clown on your website and scared the bejesus out of me! ANYWAYS. I was just going to say I think its cool you are writing crime. Have you written the genre before? I was trying to remember. It's just cool that you can write just about any genre. You and I are fluid that way. I think its fun. On the side, I've been trying to write dieselpunk for Sean Monoghan's anthology and ended up writing noir/bizarro/dieselpunk/erotica... (that's kinda inspired by our taco/hotsauce/ roach talk) it's supposed to be only dieselpunk, so now I don't know what the F*CK I'm supposed to do with THAT. Anyway, when are you going to finish a novel. I think you could write just about anything and have it be great. ;-) Blah blah blah. I'm pestering you. That fucking clown brought on a seizure I think and now the polka dots have eaten the one brain cell I was planning on using to edit today. Thanks ALOT, Chris. ;-) (Teasing) (Sorta) Keep up the good work!