Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Story for a snowy day

After checking out the crazy-fun serial about the poor, overworked, wrapped up in a mystery, spectre of Death by R.S. Bohn (at her blog, check it out here) - it made me want to dust off my own tale of phantoms that run the "real" world around us.

I've given the story its own page - just click the words "Game Night" up there, and settle in (it's about 5,200 wds.)

Have a great day - bundle up, get warm.



  1. Hey Chris, I'm going to read this one tonight. I do love phantoms, in fact, that's part of my story in Lily's FFF.
    Will have to check out RSB's also.

    Yes, it's freezing here too. Then tomorrow, it'll be 50 and raining.

  2. Nicely dome and good rec on Rebbecca's piece.

  3. That piece was like a cross between Neil Gaiman and Martin Scorsese - a great voice that carried a lot of punch. Even ghostly nemeses are susceptible to justice, brilliant. Bad Sunflower, Good Cat.
    Very enjoyable, Chris!

  4. Thanks Erin - that's high praise indeed.

    I'm so looking forward to your FFF story. Can't wait!