Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet February Treats at "the Feardom"

It's February, and Lily Childs, mistress of all things macabre, is hosting an amazing 28 day festival of "Femme Fatale Fiction," featuring fresh stories each day by some of the most talented women you'll have the pleasure to read.

Susan May James kicks off the fun with "Shadows".  Get on over there!


  1. I've suggested the Men of May ; )

  2. Men of May - what an awesome idea!

    I can't wait to read all the other writers taking part in Feb Femmes Fatales, and am a little nervous about my contribution. I hope it lives up to expectatations.

    I'm holding a follower competition, if you're interested - 200 Followers Q & A Competition

    Finally, I've just sent Leah's last email.

  3. Thanks Ladies - if today's entry is any indication, February is going to be an AWESOME month for fiction. Looking forward to seeing what each of you has come up with!

    Men of May? I'd love to play...
    ...if I may
    ...have my way.
    But that, alas, is another day.
    For now the ladies are at home today.
    (Hip hip hooray.)

    ps- looking forward to seeing what Leahs' got to say for herself Ellie. So much fun, this.