Friday, April 29, 2011

Some Quick News - A Review and an EDOM update

Hey everyone,

Still kind of in a hibernation-mode, as some day-to-day life things are taking up most of my free (read: writing and blogging) time.  I'm hoping to be back amongst the blogosphere soon - visiting and commenting on all the amazing things my friends are doing, but "ya gotta do what ya gotta do." Still - I've been trying to keep my toe in the water, 100 words at a time over at Lily Childs' Friday Prediction.

In the meantime, two little things have come up. Emma Kathryn, she of the blog "Beware the Vampire Bunnies" and author of scores of tales in the wonderful Static Movement Anthologies, has begun reviewing short stories from some of those anthologies. Today, she shines a light on my tale "Adaptation", which originally appeared on, and was picked up by SM for inclusion in their "Creepy Things" anthology. Read the review (for which I'm super-duper grateful) here.

Secondly... it's not news yet ... but it will be: "Eight Days of Madness" which is up to 125 downloads (!), has now been approved for "Premium Distribution" by Smashwords. What this means is that in about 2 weeks, these eight stories will be available for download at Barnes & Noble, the Kobo Store, the Apple Store, and the Diesel e-Book store. I'm totally stoked about this for the wildly increased exposure it means for seven talented authors who trusted me with their tales of insanity!

Keep writing, folks.

Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Oh So Quiet

I realize I've been a bit quiet of late. Sorry for that. Life, as they say, has a way of asserting itself. I'm still chipping away at the blank spaces when I can, but some other things have taken a higher priority of late. (Everything is fine, though - no worries!)

Here is a happy song, because Eight Days of Madness just broke 100 downloads!

Keep writing, friends!

Friday, April 1, 2011

"Eight Days of Madness" is now available at SMASHWORDS

You came, you read, you commented. Now, you can download the entire collection of stories from "Madness in March" as an eBook! For FREE!

The anthology is available in every popular eBook format, and features a fresh new cover.

(And name - because "Madness in March" was a deliberate riff of "March Madness" and I'd just as soon not do anything to provoke the NCAA...)

Downloading the book is free (and in the less than 24 hours this has been available, 22 intrepid readers have already gotten their hands on it!)

So. The only request I make is this - if you download the book - please show your support to the authors whose work appears within. Check out their websites, leave comments, buy their books!

I am so proud of the stories contained in this anthology, and completely pleased to share them with you one more time, in eBook format.