Friday, April 1, 2011

"Eight Days of Madness" is now available at SMASHWORDS

You came, you read, you commented. Now, you can download the entire collection of stories from "Madness in March" as an eBook! For FREE!

The anthology is available in every popular eBook format, and features a fresh new cover.

(And name - because "Madness in March" was a deliberate riff of "March Madness" and I'd just as soon not do anything to provoke the NCAA...)

Downloading the book is free (and in the less than 24 hours this has been available, 22 intrepid readers have already gotten their hands on it!)

So. The only request I make is this - if you download the book - please show your support to the authors whose work appears within. Check out their websites, leave comments, buy their books!

I am so proud of the stories contained in this anthology, and completely pleased to share them with you one more time, in eBook format.



  1. Yay!! I've downloaded it to Kindle and tweeted about it. Hope to blog tomorrow. Thank you for offering us such a marvellously dark outlet.

    How did you find the process via Smashwords?

  2. Nice! Love it. On my blog now.

  3. Cool cool cool, thanks for doing this, Chris.

    Again, it's a real privilege to be on the author roster of the damned.

  4. It's on my blog right now. Thanks so much for putting this all together, Chris, and doing such a bang-up job of it all.

  5. Awesome Chris. I put it up on my blog too. ;-)

  6. Thanks a million for doing this Chris. It came out great. Downloading the PDF and a copy for my nook.

  7. Well done, mate. I'll be getting myself a copy as all the stories are well worth another read.

    Great job, Chris!