Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Motivation

I'm going through withdrawal.

Right about this time, I'd be happily sweating over 100 words for Lily Childs' weekly Prediction.

However, as every true artist knows, and she is certainly one of them, you can't be doing everything for everyone all the time. So, the drabble-fest is quiet for two weeks.

If there's a better time to paddle,
I don't know when it is.
During my own recent downtime, which is getting closer to an end, but still requires obscene amounts of my writing time, I've been using the weekly 100 to keep the ink in the old pencil flowing.

So - I'm going to do one here. Alone if necessary - but you're all welcome to join in, via the comments below. 

The reasons for doing this are twofold - one is that, even though 100 words in a week is pitiful production, it's better than nothing, which is what I'd do otherwise right now. Second, if I don't say it aloud, it won't happen.
These prompt words were chosen by using a random number generator, googling "motivation" and counting the words. They are:


I'll have my 100 words up here in time for #fridayflash.

Want to play?



  1. I wish I had more time to play the 100 word story - seems so easy, but I'm busting my fingers over finishing an edit on my book. The deadline is tomorrow - I'm still 60 pages out!

  2. Spokesman

    "The process is intrinsic to our research," started Adams.

    "Horseshit!" barked Stephens. "Nothing justifies your treatment of us."

    There was silence as Adams considered. Stephens paced.

    "You're wrong," Adams said. "It was because we overcame these constraints that our current work is so beneficial, so meaningful."

    "And me?" Stephens asked."Why me?"

    Adams smiled, "You, laddie, were just for fun."

    Stephens stopped talking. This was pointless.

    Instead, he lifted his tail, and left his final comment in a steaming pile on the floor.

    As he padded out, he heard Adams screaming "Bad dog. Bad!"

    Tongue lolling, Stephens smiled. That was fun.