Monday, June 6, 2011

One more Monday Motivator

Hoping to see a dramatic resurgence in the "writing time / mental will to get the job done / je ne sais quoi / thing that makes me write" thing this week.  In the meantime, I'm keeping the pilot light on with another Monday Drabble "self challenge".
Last week I chose a number at random, and googled "motivation", then counted off the number of words in the listed results.

Same thing this time - except I googled "Monday".

So, by Friday, I will have posted in the comments below, 100 words including:


Join me if you'd like, heckle if you'd like, but most importantly - keep your own sparks firing.



  1. Would join you but am off to Dublin for a few days - will try and catch up with the outcome when I return! Good luck with your quest, anyway! :-)

  2. David - looking forward to it!

    Sue - I am an emerald shade of envy - Ireland is one of my "must visit before I die" places. Enjoy!

  3. Glad to hear you are back in action, I'll surely be stopping back on Friday and thanks for the motivation!

  4. Woohoo, a challenge! Sounds like fun. I'm gonna give it a go...

    Vinnie's Meat Shop

    “I’m not one to knock the choice to lead a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has their standards right? But when I have to deal with dolts like you, picketin’ outside of my deli, it gets under my skin, ya know? So here’s what I’m gonna do about it. I’m gonna slice off a clean piece of prime meat from your thigh, sauté it with some onions and let you taste for yourself what you’ve been missin’. I may not change your mind about eatin’ meat, but I bet it’s the last time I’ll catch you protestin’ outside of my shop window.”

  5. Nina- Thanks for playing, and especially with something so wicked! Great character here - and one that belongs in a longer story!

  6. I can't drabble after Nina's. That was awesome.

  7. Aww thanks guys:) I love flash fiction with word prompts. Please keep up the Monday Motivators Chris, and I'll keep playing. It's an awesome way to keep the creative juices flowing.


  8. Alright - here we go:

    Notes from "A field study of the Urban Undead Lifestyle" by Philleas Almond, PhD.


    Dr. Almond: It is June 8, 2031. I have come to the quarantine district to examine the standard of life that we, "Society" have seen fit to impose on our departed, reanimated loved ones. In the coming weeks, I will document the truly repellent conditions here - in this lasting monument to monstrous indifference.

    (faint groaning heard)

    DA: Look at this poor soul. I will refer to him "No-eyes". What suffering he's endured, I can onl... oh. Oh dear...

    (groaning increases.)



  9. Ummm... creepy... **shudder**
    I hear twilight zone music in the back of my head with a little bit of the Jaws theme mixed in. (I get the 2 confused sometimes). Way to go on making a whole world in 100 words!
    I'm gonna go hide under my bed now...

  10. Nina--LMAO. And I say that as a confirmed vegetarian. Clever, sharp and, er, biting!

    Chris--I love transcripts. I only wish it hadn't ended so soon. Srsly. His observations would've been cool. What sort of world is this? But then, and I know this well, sometimes, all we can do is a snippet, and let the rest ferment in the diseased sorghum bowl of our skull until a later date.

  11. Mind if I play? I've got a few minutes, and two of your words went kablooey in my head.


    The last lifestyle of our century included no animals, no vegetables, no begging for mercy. Just the scrabblerock existence of a dispersed population: shreds of humanity on three continents, communicating by sentient pollen that drifted along from blood wall to blood wall to the El Nino and the slightest vagaries of a planet on its last exhale.

    I looked up from scraping fingernails along a cave wall and breathed out: The End. My bones already dust, my spine an inert thing, these standards playing in my head a dirge for a fallen Earth.

  12. Rebecca - Not only do I not mind if you play - if you're going to bring gems like "Tattered" to my site, I practically insist on it!

    I love this perspective. It's so ancient, yet so new in its view. Awesome imagery with "sentient pollen" and the "dirge for a fallen Earth".

    Thank you for dropping by! (And kudos for the note on mine. I actually see this as a snippet that would preface a chapter in my as-yet unwritten zombie novel... which is at least third in line)

    Nina - I may do another "Monday Motivator", but my own fave weekly challenge at Lily Childs' Feardom has returned, so I'd highly recommend checking that one out!