Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Clarity of Night - "Elements" Contest *Update* Results are in!

The Clarity of Night Contest is over. Congratulations to Darby Krenshaw, who won with the story called "RIF"

My piece called "After", didn't place, but, I did qualify for "The Forties Club". If you've been involved with one of these contests before, you'll know that that in itself is pretty damned cool. (Quickly, for those who don't - stories are scored out of 50 on technical merits and writing skill, anything over 40 gets into "the club".)

Thanks go to Jason Evans for running such a great contest. Some other authors who have enjoyed his hospitality and contests through the years have set up an "afterparty" blog to thank Mr. Evans for his generousity of time and money in setting up this, and other contests. If you've been a fan of the Clarity of Night contests (or will soon become one... ;)  ) go on over and drop Jason a line.

Now that the contest is over, I'm happy to bring my entry over here and share it with you.  It turned out more or less how I hoped it would. (I've been saying that a lot recently - I think this "trying harder" thing might have something to it.)


Grace jerked awake, gasping for air. In her dream, she'd been trapped in a burning house and acrid smoke had choked off her breath.

She started coughing. Coughing became retching. The air in the living room was a stinking red miasma, swirling along the floor in unwholesome eddies. It smelled of metal, and something else – something familiar.

Cupping a hand to her mouth, Grace took a tiny sip of air. Again her body rejected the vapour as useless. Her chest began to throb. It was like being under water with no view to the surface. The fog was oppressively humid, but she was shivering.

The ceiling track lights had become hectic yellow beacons in the mist. Grace stood up on the sofa, following their glow. The cloud was a little thinner away from the floor.

She inhaled again, coughed again. Still no good. Her lungs were a throbbing blue agony. Grey and purple sparks danced before her eyes. Up ahead, the living room door swam into view. With lurching, desperate steps, Grace charged for the blackness.

She stumbled through the door and the mist was gone. With a single, painful whoop, Grace filled her lungs. The swampy, fetid air tasted awful, and wonderful.

When she looked back into the room, through its curtain of red, the air escaped her in rush.

Memories flooded in to take its place: Alan, accusations, tears, screaming, and finally, the shotgun.

After one final moment, Grace turned, and stepped gratefully into the welcoming dark.
As of this post, there's about 2 hours left to enter Lily Childs' Friday Prediction. I'll be sending my winner's picks to her tonight. Check out her site tomorrow for the results.*CLICK*


  1. Thanks J. I appreciate you checking it out. Loved yours as well.

  2. Loved BOTH yours, and commented.
    Think mine should be up in the next batch.

  3. Nice entry, Chris - good luck!