Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Lessons" and Lily's Friday Prediction

Got some great news Thursday - my entry "Lessons" into Lily Childs' weekly "Prediction" Challenge came up #1.

Not only is this amazing, in that I managed to squeak out a whole lot of amazing stories, but this week's win brought an additional laurel - I'll be your humble (?) judge for this week's go.

The words are: Slur, Invisible, Moat.  Give me your best shot (in 100 words or less.)

Here - if you missed it, is "Lessons" (featuring a character I'm probably not done with yet.)


Molly stood atop the spire, and watched the little demons play. There was such volatility in the young, and so little subtlety. They roamed about seducing or assaulting at their whim.

It came, after all, to just one more bloodless sheep in an alleyway.

She straightened her legs, and went en pointe on the tip of the copper cross. It was showy, but she was feeling precocious.

A moment later, Molly dropped heavily to the street. She applied emerald lipgloss, and smiled. Tonight, she would teach. Her new playmates would learn what it was to hunt.

They smelled delicious.


  1. Congratulations Chris. A wicked story that tickled my jinglebells. Can't wait for your Prediction judging - I know it will be exemplary.

    Thank you!


  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence Lily - I'll do my best to do ya proud!

  3. This one is definitely a winner Chris - so many lines that I loved, from concept to execution. Congrats!

  4. Thanks Erin - please join the fun if you've got time!

  5. Nice one, Chris. A worthy winner. If I get chance I'll try one this week.

    Got your email and will be in touch ASAP.

  6. Love love LOVE this. Brilliant, and so worth the win. Good luck with your judging role - I don't envy your position. Lily's Feardom houses the best shorts. Perhaps in her own macabre way, the prize of winning, is in fact a form of torture;)