Thursday, August 11, 2011

The New Flesh: Year Two (or: "It's been a pretty good week")

I haven't had many new stories up recently around the web. Mostly, I've been working on a few "longer" pieces, which I have earmarked for a few specific places. As of this writing, I've submitted one, and am rewriting the end of the other, which is topping out around 7k.

So - it's with a big smile that I share that two of the stories I had published for the New Flesh last year have been selected for their "best of" collection, Long Live The New Flesh: Volume Two. "Conveyor" was a piece that was too weird and dark for a lot of markets, while "Treasures of the Deep" was written specifically for their "Eye in a Pickle Jar" contest. The collection is a free PDF download, and features some other familiar, very talented faces, including (but in no way limited to) Angel Zapata, Erin Cole, Jodi MacArthur and Lily Childs! What are you waiting for?

That, in addition to the new story up on MicroHorror this week, "To Play with Fire", I'm having a pretty fun week. Here's a sample of this one (which I had a lot of fun with):

"One thing that may surprise you is that when you take society’s stereotypes about beauty off the table, it’s incredibly easy to get laid.
So, when I saw the chance to push the borders once more, I took it.
The Craigslist ad read “Sexual Immolation. Serious inquiries only.”
                                                                                                   ~To Play with Fire

Next up, I'm finishing the 7k story, and then I may get a little quiet, as (yes, yes, here we go again Allinotte, say it again...) I'm going to be spending time with my novel.

Hope all is well with your respective white spaces. Keep going!



  1. Two, nice and congrats.
    I'm in the same boat on the longer pieces...what happened to my flash? All my stories lately are 3K and up.

  2. Congrats buddy. I'll check out To Play With Fire later. Onward, buddy!

  3. Congrats! You're on fire! (Figuratively , of course)