Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Year of Friday Flash

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On Friday, I posted an entry to Lily Childs' Friday Prediction. It's called "Sam Collins, P.I.B. (Paranormal-Investigator-Bastard). I'm happy with how it turned out, and the character is fun enough that he may just deserve a longer story some time.

Anyhow - with this entry, I've now thrown my work into the ring 52 weeks in a row. That's a year's worth of 100 words stories. Out of these, three became serials, one has started to become a novella, and another will likely be a book someday. From the remainder, I'd say that at least half have potential as full-length short stories.

This weekly exercise, deceptively simple in scope, has proven to be a wellspring of ideas and, indeed, there have been weeks in the past year when this is the only writing I've done.

So, all this is merely preamble to this - thank you, Lily, for hosting this challenge each week, for making it friendly and competitive, and for your insightful comments and "summaries" of the stories.

I may or may not be as regular a contributor as the next 52 weeks progress (I've finally started putting pen to paper on the book I've been putting off for months,) but it's been a crazy-fun year.

Best of luck with your blank pages, folks.



  1. Congrats, Chris. That's a fine accomplishment. And don't you just love it when your characters really come out to play?

  2. Absolutely Laurita. The problem is getting them to shut up a bit while you try to work on something else!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I've enjoyed your stories, Chris! Like you, some weeks Lily's prediction challenge has been the only outlet for the weird workings of my mind - whittling a story down to within 100 words has taught me the wonder of using less to say more.

    Good luck with your future 'penning' !

  4. As I compile the first year's entries for an upcoming antho (yes, I'm still working on it!) I've been struck by the number of entries. And Chris, it's not just 52 weeks' worth, because sometimes there is more than one entry from you!

    Many thanks for all the support, and for your inimitable contributions. I'm really touched, and pleased when you say "...there have been weeks in the past year when this is the only writing I've done."

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories and definitely the novel. If you ever want someone to cast a fresh eye over anything, do get in contact - I'll pluck one out just for you!

    Thanks for being a good friend, and an excellent writer.


  5. Chris, I loved your stories on Lily's site. You have an amazing gift - please keep sharing it!