Thursday, September 8, 2011

Alive and updating

Briefly updating - I'm lessening the hold the blogosphere has on me, but I feel like once a week (or so) is not too bad...

I've dipped the pen onto the paper and have started handwriting "the book."  It's going slowly, but my mind and time are still a little divided these days with some non-writing things. That said, I had a really great meeting with my writer's group this week that might keep that particular fire kindling.

In the meantime, I did a bunch of daily writing last week at Nina Powers' blog, but one of her prompts over the weekend got me started on a really fun flash piece (I've never really done much with vampires before...) And I've got another flash started that has some legs.

The "long-short" that I've been working on is currently cooling down. My sights are set high for this one, so I am categorically not rushing it.

That's about it. October is coming, and with it, some "seasonal" writing opportunities that I look forward to every year. They'll distract from the book a bit, but I can't help myself. The last two Halloweens have been flash-fic feasts for my writing soul, and I'm hoping for nothing less this year.

Keep @ 'er.



  1. I thought #1 was "Steal Christmas," and I was like, Who are you now! The Grinch! Also, I was going to do that!

    My use of incorrect punctuation, let me show you it.

    I think I feel quite a bit like you in regards to writing of "the book," and also as to the hold the blogosphere has on one. I see many people backing off lately. I wonder if its a cyclical thing, or if, at least, people are tiring of the electronic world and want to retreat to simpler times. Simpler lives. Which may or may not be myths.

    And the seasonal writing stuff in October is my favorite time. Hope to see your vampire flash around then.

  2. I am alive and updating too. Looking forward to some of your work. I'm trying to get more out there, seeking some new venues, and staying busy with non-writing things also.

    As far as holding the blogosphere at arms length, not me. There are worse sins than Facebook : )

  3. I'm all out of goldfish food, but if you need any help with #5 let me know.

  4. I live. Good to see you're breathing too.

  5. Handwriting a novel. That's class. When I started I handwrote everything. But I trained myself out of it, sacraficing class for speed. I salute you.

  6. Whew. Glad to see you're still with us, and still writing. I know exactly what you mean about not rushing the good ones. That said, I do hope to read some October goodness from you soon. It's the best time of year for writing.

  7. Rebecca - I think all of us go in cycles between play and "omg... too much play ... where's all the writing I was supposed to be doing?" Also, thanks to you, I think I want a chainsaw for Christmas.

    Erin Glad to hear from you. That damned "real world" stuff takes such a bite out of the writing time, doesn't it? I hear you on the blogging - I tend to find this platform the most meaningful of all the "social" tools. I've gotten cool on the FB, warmer on the T, and am reserving judgement on the (+) until a little later.

    Sean Thanks for coming by! (You can watch the porch - but it's BYO-Boomstick.)

    Angel Glad to hear from you too. I'm expecting an explosion of material in the writing "sphere" soon, as so many people seem to be in "head down" mode.

    Deborah You're giving me too much credit! The handwriting thing is a survival technique - if I don't unplug, I don't make any progress. Shorts and Micro-shorts fare ok on the screen, but the novel wants to be on paper.

    Laurita Withdrawal from frequent blogging is a tough process. I debated whether I'd been "out" long enough for people to notice, and then thought "what the hell". (My little snark-poem last week notwithstanding.)

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I can't wait to see new stuff from all of you!

  8. I hear ya, bud. Lets just change places for awhile. I'm having a hard time stepping back in. Really looking forward to those flashes. Always (always) enjoy your stories! BTW- love the background here.