Friday, September 16, 2011

WIPs and the Uncanny Valley

So, writing is back to a slow simmer on the back-burner. Hopefully circumstances will let me get things back up to a rolling boil soon enough, but until I sign my first million dollar multi-book deal, some things are just naturally going to come ahead of "the craft."

 I'm trying to "pick away" at things every day, and do some form of writing, but not as often, or as much as I'd like. 

That said - there are bright spots. As I mentioned last time (and so will not labour to repeat here - much) the novel is started, as well as two bright little flashes, and the "Beast" of a short that's been hanging on forever is just about done.

And still there is the allure of the "new idea". That's a question I'd like to ask you all - what do you do when the spark of "new" hits in the middle of writing what you're "supposed" to be writing? I've been running with it, and letting the new things start, but as expected, I get carried away with the new idea and start leaving the threads of the larger work behind. Any tips? What do you guys do?

Case in point - I threw in an entry at Lily's this past week, almost at the end of the week, but then the character sprang to life, and now I can see a whole huge story here, waiting to get out!

~~~ Story removed. Sorry - I need to get this piece off-line for awhile so it can be worked into a longer piece that still counts as "new" ~~~

At any rate - here's to the weekend; may it bring clarity.
Here's to having ideas at all, which beats staring at a blank page by a mile. 
And here's to you, for dropping by!

Bonne fin de semaine!


  1. Tip: I ain't got no tips. Should my present writing situation change (which I do not expect any time soon), I will see what wisdom awaits on the other side and pass it on. I suggest you don't listen when I do.

    As for your flash, it's awesome. I can also see the potential for something grand, and it's a giddy feeling, isn't it? This is not helpful, but... I like it. :)

  2. Your Prediction entry Outside the Mission of the Uncanny Valley is nom, nom edible - just waiting to plump up and expand.

    As for your question, I'm guilty of starting something new all the time - often causing a seizure of what I'm meant to be working on. I wonder if it relates to the 'actual' time one has available. Mine is minimal, working full time - with a (gorgeous) young daughter who distracts my heart and mind - as is right.

    I snatch at occasions to write my longer works. This takes even more effort as I need to reread what's gone before, before recommencing writing.

    Neither do I get the chance to write every day, though I've been trying to discipline myself - 200 words of crap is better than no words at all (or is it? That bloody word 'was' keeps abusing my palette).

    Chris, all I know with your writing, is that I genuinely want to read a whole lot more of it. It is enticing, emotional, humorous, darkest of dark and most importantly - captures the moment - leaving one with an uncanny truth and desire to understand.

  3. Becky and Lily -

    Thanks for the comments - they mean a lot, and it's hearing that someone actually enjoys these things I put out there that keeps me wanting to do it.

    Rebecca- thanks for the vote of confidence - Simon started speaking almost immediately, and I was very interested in what he had to say.

    Lily - thanks to your phenomenal "Predictions", I have a treasure trove of stories I want to work on. I'm forever grateful for your support (and keep an eye out in your TKn'C mail...)

  4. I'm afraid I don't have any good advice either. If an idea comes up and it is a strong one, I usually try to run with it, because that is usually when I write my best, when the creative juice is flowing. And if I allow myself that selfish time to write what I want, sometimes I can go back to what I was supposed to be writing with new vigor. Sometimes.
    Good luck!
    Love your Prediction entry - the isolation in it is almost creepy with how our technology is beginning to distance us from each other physically. Synthetic over nothing. Blogging over talking to the wall... ; )

    -Erin (Blogger is acting strange again)