Thursday, October 6, 2011



  1. This was originally posted last year, but two things prompted me to re-post -

    1) There's about 50 new followers since last year (Thank you all!)

    2) I love October, and the spell that seems to come over me this time of year, when I can't seem to stop coming up with ideas.

    Those of you who've seen "monster" before - fear not. There's at least two original stories coming this month. One here, and one ... elsewhere. However, with a writing challenge thrown down by Lily Childs, MicroHorror's annual contest (click the link at the side here for their site), and the four drafts I'm currently cooling - you may be seeing a bunch of "me" in the near future.

    Welcome to horror season! Welcome to October!

  2. October is the best month of the year. :)

    Monster is new to me, so I'm happy!

  3. I remember this one, and was glad to reread it! The language is perfect, and I like the format you presented it in.

  4. eek! I remember this too. It would be a gorgeous poster