Monday, October 31, 2011

Tricks and Treats!

October has come and gone and, thankfully, the season has inspired the same burst of story telling that it does every year.

I've been fortunate enough to get a few stories up and about this month, and this week, the fun continues!

Come door to door with me... you'll be glad you did.

Door #1: The Ex-Cop

Door #1 is The Flash Fiction Offensive. Host David Barber is devoting his grit-and gore extravaganza to specific spookiness all weekend. [Update] Head over now for a little "Sex and Beer" - the perfect accompaniment to Halloween madness!

Door #2 - The Old Guy who looks like the Crypt Keeper
Door #2 brings us to, where the annual Halloween Contest has just ended the submission phase. Over two-dozen fresh new stories are vying for your attention, and one of horror-host Nathan Rosen's three amazing prize packages. My own tale, Monkeyfish, is in the mix. It's up there with some of my most bizarre tales, but it was tremendous fun to write, and I think that comes through.

Door #3 - The Scary Biker that gives awesome candy

Door #3 is Thrillers, Killers n' Chillers. Starting on Halloween, the site is devoting the entire week to its "Hellacious Halloween" festival of fright. I'm happy to say that a brand-spanking new story, featuring two of my favourite characters has made it past the gate. I'll chime in on the day it's up but check back often to get in on the festival fun!

Door #4 - the Wicked Witch of the West Side

Erin Cole is running a Halloween Horror contest in support of the release of her new collection of short stories. The entries are spread out over all the entrants own blogs, which gives you the added bonus of possibly discovering a new favourite writers at the same time you're chasing down some new and stunning terrifying tales. My entry, "Snow and Froth" debuted on this site awhile ago. Click here to check it out.


However you decide to spend Halloween, whether you've got kids and will be taking them on the rounds, or you'll be dressing up and hitting a party, or even just enjoying some drinks in front of a favourite spooky screen gem, have fun, be safe, and enjoy!


  1. It was a pleasure having you over, my friend. You know you're more than welcome at my gaff anytime.

    Sex and Beer is great, and 2 of my favourite pastimes!

  2. "Pick Your Own Pumpkin" was fantastic. Great work - loved the rhyme at the end, neat tie-in.

  3. David - Thanks again - it was a real honour.

    Jenny - Thrilled to see you here! Thanks for reading the story- that ending took some serious "doing".