Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hands off the Tinsel!!

Halloween proper is now two days behind us. I was at a drugstore last night, and they were preparing their Christmas display.  Really? Do we honestly require more than a month and a half to get ready for the "Holiday Rush?" Can't everyone just pick up gift cards at the gas station like I do???*

*Speaking only for those who celebrate Christmas. Other traditions, that begin and end in one month, like sensible holidays, are starting to look better and better. I actually do get very excited and giddy around the Holidays - in December*

Why can't we let the Halloween vibes carry us through one more week at least? Coming from a writer of more or less grotesque short stories, you can see that I'd have a vested interest, but come on. In general, the "Changing of the Merchandise" is happening sooner and sooner every year.

Now that I've got everyone feeling festive... here's where I plug my new story.

As I mentioned earlier this week, Thrillers, Killers n' Chillers is making the macabre last, with a whole week of "Hellacious Halloween" stories, and cheers to them for it! Not only are they prolonging the Halloween fun, but they're also helping keep the "November Funk" at bay for one more week.

Today's offerings include "Monkey Tree", by Sean Patrick Reardon, a sublime tale that is practically guaranteed to move you in the oddest ways. Also, there's one more story from yours truly. This is my last piece online for the next little bit, as I retreat back into the woodwork and get back to jamming words together like Mega Blocks® and try to make them stick.

"Pick Your Own Pumpkin" is a story I'm very happy to have written. For the past year or so, I've been toying around with two recurring characters in a series of Drabble (100 wd) shorts, and they refuse to go away. "PYOP" will probably be most people's first introduction to homicide detectives John Blackwood and Albert Milton. The two are "regular" homicide cops who seem to always be getting stuck with the "weird" cases, and as such, they've become experts in Paranormal Homicidal Occurances. I've had a lot of fun writing these two, and I feel like this piece is leading the way to something even longer for the duo.

Scan here for a bonus story featuring
Milton & Blackwood!
 I hope you'll check out their "full length" debut, as well as all the other amazing tales that TKn'C has lined up to keep Halloween rockin' and stop Santa Clause from knockin' (for one more week.)


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  1. Loved it and left a comment. That's one you'll want to take out again next year.

  2. Great tale over at TKnC. They postponed Halloween until this Saturday, because of the storm we had im MA this weekend. Thanks for the mention in your post. You have been on a great roll lately, hope it continues!

  3. Laurita and Sean - thanks for reading!

    Laurita - I had a ton of fun with this story, and I've been wanting to give those two guys more space to play for quite awhile!

    Sean - I'm probably going back underground for a bit - publication-wise. November, for some reason, tends to kick the hell out of my creativity.