Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Moustache: The Short Story

"Movember" is into its third great week. The 'stache is in full swing, and there is no mistaking my face's devotion to the cause.

I didn't have a concrete monetary goal when I started out the month. I thought, "I'll grow it, talk about it, and see what happens." Here in week three, (and note for next year - plan this ahead). I've decided it would be outstanding if I could raise $500 for the cause of Prostate Cancer research.

Now, I've thrown out the social media "call", as well as some direct e-mail appeals. What I haven't done to help this cause along is what I do every day - write.

So - here's the deal. For every donation I receive over $5 from now until the end of the month, as a personal thank you, I'll send along an exclusive new, never-been-published story entitled, naturally, "The Moustache". (I'll even sign the PDF with a personal note of thanks.)

To those that have already donated, I haven't forgotten your generosity, and will be sending you the story as soon as it's complete. As of this moment, it's 90% done, but I'm putting my word behind it, that the story will be finished, edited, and all copies sent out by Friday, December 2.

Click here to donate.

(And thanks!)

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  1. I like the Magnum P.I. look. The sotry is a very nice idea for a thank you. Can't wait to read it! Good luck with the fundraising. You're awesome.