Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Focus - Must FOCUS

Haven't posted in a bit, and truth is, I've been getting steadily busier, so my online diatribes may thin out a bit for awhile. Nothing to worry about, but I need to go "head down to the paper" for a little while.

Quickly updating on placements: 

1) I managed to get two stories into Pill Hill Press' 2012 "Daily Frights" Collection. I was in the 2011 Daily Flash, and that's a fantastic book - so looking forward to being part of the horror doorstop this year.

2) Rapunzel and the Undead is going to see print in Wicked East Press' "Father Grimm's Storybook" - this one looks wild!

Now - I've just finished a longer short story, and my list of WIP's that I'd like to be writing is getting longer, and, what's worse, I'm at least 2k into each of them. 

Care to weigh in? I've added a poll up there in the corner. Feel free to get clicky.

Good luck with your own work. (And keep doing it!)



  1. I chose B so that someone else is in it with me. Sort of. Because we're not working on the same novel. Different ones. But you know what I mean.

    Congrats on your forthcoming publications. I look forward to reading them in 2012.

  2. I chose B too. Once you get into the big scary novel, everything else seems pretty easy. Usually.

    I just finished my first draft to my werewolf novella. It will be shorter than I expected, but I'm going to run with that because it will strictly be an eBook, and I find that people enjoy shorter eBooks.

    Good luck with your stories. Hope to read one soon.