Sunday, December 11, 2011

Greatest Hits (Maybe?)

The Best of the Poetry I Wrote When I Was 15

Dark hearts blah blah blah
         heart la la the Dark
                 Something something Midnight's Kiss

Alone blah blah with Nothing la blah la Hole in my Conscience blah

Eddie Vedder rules la la blah

Something something infernal caresses my Deark Hart

La la blah Razors


  1. Almost brought a tear to mine eye Chris, almost, but choking, definitely choking...Beautiful.

  2. Your 15 year old self and my 15 year old self would have had a mad poetry slam...

  3. Lee - glad I touched your dark heart with this... lol.

    Diego - that would be painfully funny.

  4. Deep. Abysmally deep.

    And hey, Eddie Vedder does rule.

  5. Laurita - Agreed, but with just a hint more perspective gained over time. 'Abysmally deep' is just about the most perfect description that I can think of

    Erin - Had to go through there to get here though! Looking back - it still makes me laugh. (Even moreso when I see the same themes over and over again and again around these here inter-webs.)