Monday, February 13, 2012

9 Days of Madness - Deadline Extended

The deadline for submissions for 9 Days of Madness has been extended to February 25.

This is for two reasons:

The first is that I set the original deadline, forgetting that I've got a family vacation starting in a few days, and will not have any chance to look at, or manage submissions until I'm back on the 25th.

Secondly, and more importantly, there is still room left. I've received some really great stories so far, but there's at least three days on the schedule left to fill. If the new deadline passes without enough submissions, even though I'll be bummed - I'll be cancelling the "show". I don't want to do disservice to the people that have submitted so far by doing the thing halfway, so all stories would be returned at that point.

But - that's a last resort. Last year's festival of psychological terror was an amazing gathering of authors, some new, and some that I already knew. From what I've received so far, this year could be even better - so spread the word, and get those "Unsettling" stories in!



  1. I shall spread the disease. Er, word. ;)

  2. I actually planned on sliding in with a story tomorrow... I was out of town last week, and had some other deadlines to meet at the beginning of this week.
    Expect "Forever in these Walls," in your mailbox soon! I do hope 9 DOM shows.

  3. I'm finishing my story, but I'm glad for the deadline extension. I can polish now. And breathe. :)

  4. hmm...chewing! Just came across this, I've been squirreled away from bloggy world for the last few weeks. Will see what I can whip up! :0)