Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pencils Down!

So - the deadline has passed, and the 9 Days of Madness event ... will be happening!

Thank you to everyone who sent in stories. There is a difficult decision ahead of me, but I hope to have all acceptances out in the early part of next week.

I've also been on the fence about "story number 10."

Last year I wrote a piece "just in case" I didn't get enough entries. I ended up running it as a "bonus" at the end of the actual Eight Days of Madness, because I enjoyed how it came out so well.

This time around, I have more than enough stories to choose from, and will sadly have to turn some away, so I'm debating running my own piece at the end. Weird position to be in - thoughts?

(p.s. The current look of the site will soon change for the festivities as well. The curtains will rise.)


  1. It's your playground. That means you get to play in it however you choose--a little privilege for the Master of Ceremonies. By the way, are you going to be hosting in your straitjacket? ;)

    So put your story in, and good luck choosing pieces. I understand how difficult it must be.

    It's time to start the music; it's time to dim the lights. It's time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show Tonight! (my ringtone, and I hope you're now singing it all day)

  2. Use it. You're the editor, no one will hold it against you.