Saturday, March 10, 2012

9 Days of Madness - Announcing This Year's Inmates

One week from tomorrow, March 18, the Nine Days of Madness will begin. For a week and a half, you'll be treated to a new story every day from nine individuals who rattling the bars of their cells to tell you their tales of things "Unsettled."

This year's babbling cacophony of maniacal laughter includes:

S.K. Adams
Careful though ... they bite.
R.S. Bohn
Erin Cole
Marissa Giambelluca
Richard Godwin
Christopher Grant
Jodi MacArthur
Laurita Miller
Benjamin Sobieck

Stay tuned and get ready for a festival of frightening fiction in just one week's time.

And check back here through this week for more of the creepiest videos I can find to help set the mood, as well as a special bonus story that sets the tone for what's to come like nothing else.

Are you ready??


  1. Some great names on that list. It promises to be a super unsettling line-up.

  2. I'm very happy to see some names on that list. Looking forward to it, Chris!