Thursday, March 29, 2012

9 Days of Madness - the eBook!

All the stories from this year's 9 Days of Madness Event have been collected and are available to download on Smashwords starting... now! It can be yours today to keep and upload to your favourite e-reader for the stunning price of FREE.

It's currently pending "Premium" review, so Smashwords is the only place to get it right now, but I'm confident it will pass muster and soon be available everywhere that "Eight Days of Madness" can be found. (Which, incidentally, is up to 378 downloads!) I'll most likely make another announcement when the book hits the premium catalogue.

Thanks again to all the contributors. I'm so very proud of how all your stories came together and made this year's event one to remember.


  1. Chris, you ran a fantastic show. Thanks again. Incidentally, I love the new look of your blog.

  2. Cheers, Chris! That's a fantastic cover and the contents are even better.

  3. Thanks once again Chris. I have added a post and links about the release on my blog...and anywhere else I could think of.