Wednesday, March 14, 2012

9 Days of Madness Teaser: Behind These Closed Doors by Amber Taitague

I promised some special treats this week – and here we go! 

The script for the Nine Days of Madness has been assembled, and the stories are clawing at the walls to get out, but first – a little prologue to the party seemed in order.

Amber Taitague, better known in the blogosphere as “Muckie Duckie”, first came to my notice as a fellow contributor to Lily Childs’ outstanding weekly challenge “The Prediction.” Amber’s facility with creating haunting images that can just as easily skewer your sensibilities in the same moment have made her take to the 100 word format like a … er … something that swims in the water and says quack. It is with great pleasure that I present one of her more chilling efforts from the “Prediction” by way of prologue for the Nine Days of Madness. In only one hundred words, Amber managed to convey “unsettled” in a voice that is completely her own.

Behind These Closed Doors

The March Hare came to visit today and when all my children wanted was Daddy; he was gone for hours.

Where is my medicine? 

So innocent, but the noise they make is . . . too loud, too high, too much. 

A rage I’ve always hidden burns in a secret corner of my brain, and right now I’m poison. 

I need to conserve my words or I’ll end up crucifying them with my sharp tongue. 

Slowly I shut down, with thoughts that are so loud

I hope he'll be home soon; I shouldn't be alone with them.

~ ~ 9 DOM ~ ~

Amber Taitague lives a life of organized chaos and feels anything that veers towards normalcy is unsettling. She's been writing since childhood and has always ventured down the darker paths. Her writing is a reflection of what goes on in her head and any distortion is entirely her fault. You can read more of her stories at her blog here.


  1. Chilling. What's left unsaid packs as much punch as the words (which are quite poetic in a way).

  2. The march hare doesn't sound nearly as friendly as the april hare. Somehow the word crucify ties in the horrible taunting feel of madness. I agree with Lauriata, quite chilling.

  3. That last line was what made this story so disturbing to me.

    The cold, rational thoughts as everything else shuts down, and recognizing the inherent danger that's coming made this scene so worrying.