Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gathering Darkness - A Chance to Get it FREE

Coming in on the first week of sales for Gathering Darkness, and sales are happening! Thank you to everyone who's ordered a copy / downloaded the book to Kindle.

To keep the momentum going, I've got THREE (3) review copies to give away.

The only caveat is that, if you receive a copy, I'd really, really appreciate a review on the Amazon site of your choosing.

The first five people to comment below requesting a copy will receive an electronic the format of their choosing.

Also - for all you bloggers out there, I'd be thrilled to drop by any of your sites and have a chat about the book, and bring another copy with me as a give away to your visitors.

Let the fun begin!



  1. Thanks Chris - send me an e-mail at the "contact me" link to the side, so I have your e-mail to send you the file. Let me know your preferred file type at the same time.

  2. I've not done a review of anything so far this year, but would be glad to feller.

  3. I have already downloaded a copy of your book, and you know, you're always welcome on my blog.

  4. Thanks Erin. It's awesome to know some of the people I like reading, are reading me in turn!